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Zealous Vitality Contest Winners

4 Jan

We have invited people and organizations to become members on my website @ www.thestick.ca for almost a month.  The results have been great.  In that time, we have offered a few prizes for members who have signed up.  Currently, I am waiting on the winners to get back to me and give me the OK to publish their names in an email, here and in a short video I will post on YouTube

Stay tuned for more details!!

You may be wondering what the membership thing is all about?  Let me explain.

  • It is FREE!!
  • We will give a way FREE stuff.
  • It is a great way to stay in touch with us and you.
  • We do send out information periodically about updates on our website .
  • Did I mention we will hold contests?
  • We love to find new ideas, tips and tricks and share them with you.
  • We also would like to give you information about The Sticks and Specialty Products.
  • We also know that sometimes you need reminders to stay motivated. 
  • It is a great way to take advantage of promotions.
  • One more thing….. we won’t bug you with constant emails!!!

I promise that we will not flood your in-boxes with emails and junk.  We will simply contact you from time to time. Your information is safe with us and we promise we will not share or sell your information to anyone!!  We hate spam as well. 

The information we post on our website and this blog is intended to help you make informed decisions about health, fitness and wellness.

Please sign-up on our front page of The Stick provided by Zealous Vitality Inc.  You will not be disappointed!

Keep Rollin’


Purchasing A Stick

11 Dec

Purchasing a Stick is super easy!!

If you would like to order directly from Zealous Vitality, then just click here to PLACE AN ORDER.  We will get you a Stick in a hurry.

We now have many venues and stores to purchase Sticks at. Please visit this page: http://zealousvitality.ca/content/view/22/49/ to get more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us @ Ken@ZealousVitality.ca


Have a great day!

Where to keep The Stick?

6 Nov


To be totaly honest, I was skeptical when I first purchased a Marathon Stick two years ago.  Now my body craves The Stick!

Here are some helpful Stick tips.  In order to make the most of a good thing, we (my wife,kids and I) have Sticks on every level of our house!  We have a Trigger Wheel in the kitchen and a Body Stick on the main floor.  Upstairs, we have a Marathon Stick.  We also keep a Travel Stick in our developed basement.

What am I getting at?  It is easy to explain.  If you do not have your Stick handy, you probably will not use it as much as if it was at arms length.  Many of our good friends tell us that they keep their Sticks on their coffee tables!  They often joke with us when we visit them by showing that they do use their Stick by pointing out that it is not stashed away in a closet somewhere.

On another note, when I am working at a fitness fair or expo, I get countless people who slow down or stop by and tell me that they already have a Stick!  My response is always the same….. “Great!  Are you using it everyday?”  I get all sorts of answers.  Some people explain that they only use their Stick when their muscles hurt.  Others say that they use it everyday.  I also have some people who say that they need to use it more.  I love it when these “Stick Users” come by and share their stories with me.  The bottom line is you should be using your Stick everyday to maximize the full potential of The Stick!

I have come up with a plan to help “Stick Users” stay up to date and motivated.  On my website: Zealous Vitality.ca, I have created a section where you can register with me and receive updates via email.  You can see the area on the left side menu titled “Please register to receive the latest updates!”  Your information will not be shared with anyone.  I already have many people on my mailing list who receive emails from Zealous Vitality who are already enjoying my updates.

Bye for now and keep on roll’n.

The Stick

How to Use The Stick!

20 Oct



Here are a few introductory pictures an how to use The Stick .

Rolling your quads while sitting on the ground.

Rolling your quads while sitting on the ground.

Here is kneeling position to roll out your IT Band.

Here is kneeling position to roll out your IT Band.












To see more pictures, click here.

The master plan is to post video, pictures and tips on how to use The Stick.

Please contact me @ ken@zealousvitality.ca

Keep your muscles happy by rolling them!!!

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