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A Great Video About The Stick and Specialty Products

30 Sep

Here is a video explaining some of the features about The Stick and affiliated Specialty Products like the FootWheel, TriggerWheel and PostureCurve.



14 Jul

The "Newest Stick"

Yes my friends….. a NEW STICK!!!

One of the most common questions I get from Stick users is “What is new with The Stick?”  My immediate answer is “Nothing….The Stick has been basically the same for 19 years.  The manufacturers of The Stick just don’t change what is not broken.  The Stick has lasted the test of time”.

Now don’t get me wrong, The TriggerWheel, FootWheel and PostureCurve are relatively new.  New models of  Sticks have come out and handles have been changed and improved but this time RPI of Atlanta has really outdone themselves.  The HYBRID STICK is awesome!

The wheel in the middle of the Stick allows for pinpoint accuracy that zeros in on trouble spots and trigger points.  Here is a video I created today!



Stay tuned for more on the HYBRID STICK!

Understanding Trigger Points – Hands on!!

3 Nov

I have to share this fantastic information with you.  I have been following Patrick Ward on Twitter and have found some awesome information he has posted on his website.  If you wan to learn more about Trigger Points, you should check out his to videos and the information in print.

It Hurts Right Here: The Mystery of Pain
Keats Snideman BS, CSCS, RKC, LMT
Patrick Ward MS, CSCS, LMT

Patrick and Keats write and talk about:

  • Development of Pain in the Myofascial Tissues
  • Are All Painful Spots Trigger Points?
  • How Do You Know if You’re Dealing with TrP’s?
  • Soft Tissue Techniques
  • Applying Trigger Point referrals to myofascial lines
  • Linking science to practice
  • Practical Applications
  • Conclusions

Credit goes to:

Keats Snideman is the owner of Reality Based Fitness.  Patrick Ward is the owner of Optimum Sports Performance.  Together they own the Reality Based Fitness/Optimum Sports Performance Training facility in Tempe, AZ, where they offer sport conditioning and soft tissue therapy to athletes and clients of all levels and abilities.  In addition, they both host the Reality Based Fitness Podcast.

Here are the videos:

Here is the direct link to the article : It Hurts Right Here: The Mystery of Pain

Remember, The Stick can help to take care of your soft tissue, the same way a therapists hands roll over your muscles.  As always, I do not claim that The Stick should replace human touch.  The massage device provides excellent support for your muscular heath.

A Routine to Massage Your Legs With “The Stick”.

1 Aug

Here is a video I recorded on how to massage your legs using The Stick.   I am using the Travel Stick while I roll out my legs.  The Travel Stick has a standard flexibility and is short, making it ideal for travel.

The Travel Stick

The Travel Stick

The different models of Sticks can be found here


Best Stretches at Your Desk.

5 Jul

I found a nice little article that gives some tips for stretching out @ your desk when you are at work or working in the siting position for some time.  Here is an exert:

“Sitting in front of a desk every day can wreak havoc on your body, especially since most of us don’t have the best posture. Hunching the shoulders and slumping in your seat can cause back pain, headaches, tension and tightness in your back, neck and shoulders. The following stretches target the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders as well as the hips and glutes. Taking time to do some of these stretches throughout the day can help increase flexibility and reduce tension and stress.”

You can find the whole article here – Best Stretches for Office Workers

I would like to add in my two cents by saying that The Stick is in fact, the perfect tool for putting the “pop” back into your busy lifestyle.  By rolling out your muscles, you increase circulation, flexibility and reduce stress all at the same time. 

I have included a video and a picture to help see what I mean!!



 For more pictures, please go here – Specific Techniques .  I have loads of pictures!  Everything from standing to sitting to kneeling to sitting on the ground!!


How “The Stick” Works

20 May

Here is a great video explaining how The Stick works!

It is on behalf of Tim Borland who ran an amazing 63 MARATHONS IN 63 days!!!

Treating Neck Pain

26 Apr

More and more people I come across speak to me about sore necks and headaches from tension.  Although this is not a new phenomenon, I can’t help to think that in many cases it is related to posture and bio-mechanics.  Upon further investigation and questioning, it turns out that computer usage, cell phones, smart phones and MP3 players are largely to blame.

So many of us rely on “screens” to give us information on a daily basis.  We search on the Internet for the best prices and solutions to our questions and problems.  Some of us “text” like crazy with our heads bent forward putting strain on our necks.  Even searching for a song on our MP3’s is putting strain on our necks.  Blackberries, IPhones, Palms and other popular smart phones, have us checking Facebook, Twitter, email and surfing the web at any time in any place.  My point is, if you are not careful with the way you are looking at your screens, it can become a real “pain in the neck”!

Basic ergonomics say that you should sit with the natural curves in your neck and back.  Your computer screen should be at eye height and you should sit upright with your feet comfortably on the ground in front of you.  Your arms and hands should be comfortably bent at close to 90 degrees.  (More to come on another blog post.)

Now let’s talk hand held devices!  It has been very rare for me where I have seen someone on their cell phone texting at eye height.  Take a look around the next time you are out in public.  I also really like the the phone resting on the ear and shoulder routine while driving or taking notes.  I have even seen people out there performing the ear-shoulder routine while copying directions, putting on make-up, smoking and steering with their knees.  OK…. enough ranting!

Again, my point is, be aware of the position you are working/talking/texting/socializing in.

I have come across a great article posted by guardian.co.uk.  It speaks about the various treatments for neck pain.  I have to say that it is quite an extensive list.  They authors go through topics such as:

  • Painkillers, heat or ice  for when you first get a sore neck.
  • Hands-on treatment by professionals.
  • Keeping active and exercising
  • Improving your posture

They also go into detail about:

  • Treatments that are likely to work Mobilisation (often done by a physiotherapist), Manipulation (often done by a chiropractor), Exercise, Manipulation plus exercise, and Acupuncture.
  • Treatments that need further study Biofeedback, Drug treatments (Painkillers, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Stronger painkillers, Antidepressants, Muscle relaxants), Hot and cold packs, Being treated by a specialist team, Education programmes, Soft collars and special pillows, Traction, TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), Injections for neck pain caused by an injured nerve, and Surgery for neck pain caused by an injured nerve.

Needless to say, the article is quite good and has references.  You can find it – HERE –

If I can add my two cents, neck pain is nothing to take lightly when it lasts and lasts.  You should definitely seek professional advice.  For basic neck stiffness and soreness that comes and goes from stress and repetitive movements, I would recommend using a massage tool such as the TriggerWheel.  Just roll it up and down your neck and you can instantly identify trigger points and start releasing tension and stiffness.

 Click Here To See The TriggerWheel In action!

Specialty Items Page

5 Apr

I have added some information to my Specialty Items page.

You can see pictures and videos for the following products that are also manufactured by the good people who created The Stick:

The Trigger Wheel

The Trigger Wheel is used in the therapy of:

Tension Headaches

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

TMJ Disorder



Shin Splints

And other myofascial conditions and lesions.


The FootWheel

The FootWheel is very effective in the treatment of:

Plantar Fasciitis

Sore Feet

Flat Feet

Sore/Dropped Arches


The PostureCurve

The PostureCurve helps to relieve

Back Stiffness

Hip Stiffness

Increasing the Lumbar Curve


These products really are fantastic!!

A New Back Massage Exercise With “The Stick”.

15 Mar

Hello everyone,

I have taken a little time off of blogging to concentrate on getting the word out about The Stick in Alberta, Canada.  I am now back to my schedule of providing great material and tips for Stick users.

Here is a video that explains how to use The Body Stick to massage that hard to reach place in the middle of your back.  The massage technique can be done anywhere at anytime.  People who spend a lot of time at their computers may be especially interested in this video.

A Personal Trainer Using “The Stick”.

4 Feb

Here is a video of a personal trainer using a Stick.  It looks like he is using the Sprinter Stick.  I like the way he explains how he concentrates on the different muscle groups in his lower leg.


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