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A Great Video About The Stick and Specialty Products

30 Sep

Here is a video explaining some of the features about The Stick and affiliated Specialty Products like the FootWheel, TriggerWheel and PostureCurve.


Videos About How to Use The Stick On Horses

19 Jul

I found a fantastic website for Horses!  What is even more exciting, is that there is video of The Stick and The TriggerWheel being used on a horse named “Big Guy”.  The tips that are posted in the video apply to handling a horse and responding to what the horse is telling you as you massage their muscles.

I should mention that using The Stick on horses is not a new thing!  Equine or horse massage has been around for years.  Many equine Massage Therapists and Chiropractors use tools such as The Stick and TriggerWheel to help them in their work.

This is the video using The Stick


This is the video using The TriggerWheel


The Blog is called Horse Ideology.  There is loads of very good information.  I would go there if I were you!

A Personal Trainer Using “The Stick”.

4 Feb

Here is a video of a personal trainer using a Stick.  It looks like he is using the Sprinter Stick.  I like the way he explains how he concentrates on the different muscle groups in his lower leg.


Another Video About “The Stick”

1 Feb

OK, it is officially video post days here at Zealous Vitality!  I will be posting more videos every couple of days. 

Here is one from the World Run Day On-line Expo.  This video has 1751 views on YouTube.

The Different Stick Models

31 Jan

I am on a video kick now!!

I have just created a video explaining the different Stick models.

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