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A Great Video About The Stick and Specialty Products

30 Sep

Here is a video explaining some of the features about The Stick and affiliated Specialty Products like the FootWheel, TriggerWheel and PostureCurve.


CrossFit Champion Dan Rogers Comments on The Stick

27 Jan

Dan Rogers is the 2010 Canadian CrossFit Champion!

I was amazed at the fitness ans strength level when I watched all the finalists compete at the National CrossFit Championships in Okotoks, Alberta.  I was actually promoting The Stick, but I was more interested in watching the superior fitness levels of both the female and male athletes.  I could not stop thinking that these athletes have trained at an incredibly high level to reach the level of pure fitness that they were at.  The above picture was actually from championships. (I did not take it, but I remember it well) I posted a blog back in August sharing my thoughts of the competition.

I decided to help Dan with his quest in his participation in the CrossFit Games in southern California  by sponsoring him a Stiff Stick, FootWheel and TriggerWheel

Here is what Dan Rogers had to say about the products:

Your products were phenomenal and have been a big help to me. The Stick is a go to for quad and calf tightness and is used nearly daily for relief in hot areas. Other athlete’s at the games were continuously borrowing it when they saw me grinding out my thighs afters an event. The Trigger Wheel has been the greatest for forearm relief and tightness through my neck. The arms can get tight as hell after several hundred pull ups and its nice to have something that can dig em’ out so effectively. It’s also helped me work out headaches that I now know are caused from tightness in my neck. I also use it on tight/hot areas to really get in and dig stuff out. It is great and hurts so good. The Foot Wheel just plain feels good and is borrowed all the time by clients with foot pain. 

Dan added a story about The Stick:

Funny story about The Stick though was that when I was getting on the plane for California I almost had it confiscated as the believed it was a baton. I got to go on a rant about myofascial release and demonstrate on TSA agents how it could help release the tension caused by standing around all day. I was held up for about 20 minutes while I watched them discuss and rotated between rolling out their legs and wield it like a machete. I eventually got to board the plane but had to check my tension weapon.

Thanks Dan and best of luck to you!

Treating Neck Pain

26 Apr

More and more people I come across speak to me about sore necks and headaches from tension.  Although this is not a new phenomenon, I can’t help to think that in many cases it is related to posture and bio-mechanics.  Upon further investigation and questioning, it turns out that computer usage, cell phones, smart phones and MP3 players are largely to blame.

So many of us rely on “screens” to give us information on a daily basis.  We search on the Internet for the best prices and solutions to our questions and problems.  Some of us “text” like crazy with our heads bent forward putting strain on our necks.  Even searching for a song on our MP3’s is putting strain on our necks.  Blackberries, IPhones, Palms and other popular smart phones, have us checking Facebook, Twitter, email and surfing the web at any time in any place.  My point is, if you are not careful with the way you are looking at your screens, it can become a real “pain in the neck”!

Basic ergonomics say that you should sit with the natural curves in your neck and back.  Your computer screen should be at eye height and you should sit upright with your feet comfortably on the ground in front of you.  Your arms and hands should be comfortably bent at close to 90 degrees.  (More to come on another blog post.)

Now let’s talk hand held devices!  It has been very rare for me where I have seen someone on their cell phone texting at eye height.  Take a look around the next time you are out in public.  I also really like the the phone resting on the ear and shoulder routine while driving or taking notes.  I have even seen people out there performing the ear-shoulder routine while copying directions, putting on make-up, smoking and steering with their knees.  OK…. enough ranting!

Again, my point is, be aware of the position you are working/talking/texting/socializing in.

I have come across a great article posted by guardian.co.uk.  It speaks about the various treatments for neck pain.  I have to say that it is quite an extensive list.  They authors go through topics such as:

  • Painkillers, heat or ice  for when you first get a sore neck.
  • Hands-on treatment by professionals.
  • Keeping active and exercising
  • Improving your posture

They also go into detail about:

  • Treatments that are likely to work Mobilisation (often done by a physiotherapist), Manipulation (often done by a chiropractor), Exercise, Manipulation plus exercise, and Acupuncture.
  • Treatments that need further study Biofeedback, Drug treatments (Painkillers, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Stronger painkillers, Antidepressants, Muscle relaxants), Hot and cold packs, Being treated by a specialist team, Education programmes, Soft collars and special pillows, Traction, TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), Injections for neck pain caused by an injured nerve, and Surgery for neck pain caused by an injured nerve.

Needless to say, the article is quite good and has references.  You can find it – HERE –

If I can add my two cents, neck pain is nothing to take lightly when it lasts and lasts.  You should definitely seek professional advice.  For basic neck stiffness and soreness that comes and goes from stress and repetitive movements, I would recommend using a massage tool such as the TriggerWheel.  Just roll it up and down your neck and you can instantly identify trigger points and start releasing tension and stiffness.

 Click Here To See The TriggerWheel In action!

Speciality Products Related to The Stick

31 Jan

Here is another video!!

These are the Speciality Items related to The Stick.  They are FANTASTIC!

Massage Therapy at Home

26 Jan

My last few posts have been a little on the technical side of things.  Let’s talk convenience!!

As I have said in other posts, I don’t believe that The Stick can replace human touch.  However, I do believe The Stick is the next best thing!!

Massage therapy is very effective for a variety of conditions, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, insomnia, stress, headaches, anxiety, circulatory problems, growing pains and recovery from sports injuries.  It is a well-known fact that the build up of anxiety, stress and sleepless nights can cause you to become mentally and physically ill.  Massage of any type can be your open door to wellness.

For many people, they try to “squeeze” in an appointment to see a massage therapist during their already hectic day.  Why not take 15 minutes and work on yourself in the most comfortable environment that you know – YOUR HOME!!  Just take out The Stick, Trigger Wheel and/or Foot Wheel and roll your way to happiness, content and relief. 

Please understand that I am not suggesting you never go see a trained professional again.  Think of The Stick affiliated speciality products as tools that will enhance your over well being.  In fact, I have Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors who all recommend The Stick to their patients.

Travel Stick

Foot Wheel

Trigger Wheel


Where to keep The Stick?

6 Nov


To be totaly honest, I was skeptical when I first purchased a Marathon Stick two years ago.  Now my body craves The Stick!

Here are some helpful Stick tips.  In order to make the most of a good thing, we (my wife,kids and I) have Sticks on every level of our house!  We have a Trigger Wheel in the kitchen and a Body Stick on the main floor.  Upstairs, we have a Marathon Stick.  We also keep a Travel Stick in our developed basement.

What am I getting at?  It is easy to explain.  If you do not have your Stick handy, you probably will not use it as much as if it was at arms length.  Many of our good friends tell us that they keep their Sticks on their coffee tables!  They often joke with us when we visit them by showing that they do use their Stick by pointing out that it is not stashed away in a closet somewhere.

On another note, when I am working at a fitness fair or expo, I get countless people who slow down or stop by and tell me that they already have a Stick!  My response is always the same….. “Great!  Are you using it everyday?”  I get all sorts of answers.  Some people explain that they only use their Stick when their muscles hurt.  Others say that they use it everyday.  I also have some people who say that they need to use it more.  I love it when these “Stick Users” come by and share their stories with me.  The bottom line is you should be using your Stick everyday to maximize the full potential of The Stick!

I have come up with a plan to help “Stick Users” stay up to date and motivated.  On my website: Zealous Vitality.ca, I have created a section where you can register with me and receive updates via email.  You can see the area on the left side menu titled “Please register to receive the latest updates!”  Your information will not be shared with anyone.  I already have many people on my mailing list who receive emails from Zealous Vitality who are already enjoying my updates.

Bye for now and keep on roll’n.

The Stick

Travelling with The Stick

19 Oct


Travelling with The Stick is easy!  I have posted some helpful tips when travelling.

Depending on what model you have, your experience should be fantastic.  On road trips, I would keep the Trigger Wheel and a Stick very handy when you stop to grab a snack or coffee or even that unscheduled washroom break.  Roll out your neck, back, forearms and legs for a quick rejuvenation.

Fantastic for the neck and forearms/

Fantastic for the neck and smaller muscles.



As for flights.  I have some suggestions when it comes to security. 

The Trigger Wheel should be fine in your carry on.  A Stick, may be questionable since security may categorize it as a baton!  Until I get more feedback, go with the Trigger Wheel in your carry on and pack your Stick in your check-in luggage.

All this being said, I have a colleague who shared this testimonial with me:


I took my stick with me to the Kelowna Marathon. (Airport security was very curious.) After  the race I was having difficulty moving around as my legs were getting stiff and were starting to cramp up. A short session with the stick I was moving with ease and was good for the rest of the day. The stick defiantly sped up my recovery and is keeping me running.




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