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The Stick Makes a Great Gift! FREE SHIPPING!!

1 Dec

Members of Zealous Vitality Inc. can get any product with FREE SHIPPING for the next 15 days!!

There are two catches. Your shipping address must be in Canada, but not in BC.  The other catch is to provide us with a testimonial or a couple of tips about using The Stick.  Your testimonial or tips can be added to the purchase order form under the customer notes section when you submit your order.

The Stick and specialty products make excellent gifts!  The best thing is people will never guess what it is when you wrap a Stick up!

Happy Holidays!!!


You Will Not Be Left With The Short End of The Stick.

29 Nov

In just a day or so, I will be providing details on how you can get The Stick with Free Shipping!!  There will be some fine details, but check back soon.

I will give you a hint:  Membership has it’s privileges @ Zealous Vitality Inc.

A Useful Website for Athletes Concerning Nutrition

22 Apr

The website is About.com.  They have posted information on 5 Common Sports Nutrition Mistakes and How to Solve them.  The article identifies common problems such as:

  1. Not Consuming Enough Protein
  2. Not Eating Properly Before a Workout
  3. Not Getting Enough Iron
  4. Not Fueling Properly After a Workout
  5. Not Drinking Enough

By no means is this a complete list, so if you know of a few sites that are great, feel free to make a comment below.  You also may want to check some of the links I have posted on The Stick Provided by Zealous Vitality.  I should also add that The Stick is an amazing recovery tool.

Be sure to check back often as I will be adding other resources.

Massage Therapy Reduces Muscle Soreness

11 Jan

As you can see from my last post, massage has been the topic of study for its ability to relieve pain and soreness. Especially concerning high intense exercise.  Specifically, sore muscles, are attracting increased attention as sports massage becomes a regular part of an athletes’ training regiment.

As I mentioned before, there has been recent studies that highlight some of the benefits of receiving massage therapy after a training session to reduce soreness.

Researchers at the University of Iowa, studied DOMS. Participants in the study exerted their muscles, then were assessed for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Deep tissue massage was given to the participants, then their level of soreness was reanalyzed.

In this study from Iowa, Frey Law et al., were looking for the analgesic effects of massage on reducing soreness. They found that the participants muscle symptoms were decreased by as much as 50%. Depending on the pain measures taken, they found muscle soreness was relieved by 25%-50%.  Those are significant findings! 

In addition, at Kings College of London,  a study by Hurley and Bearne reported that massage was amongst the non-exercise physical therapies found to be effective for treating musculoskeletal conditions. They also mentioned other reasons to use massage for pain relief as cost efficient and easy to self-administer. 

After reading these studies, The Stick is the perfect tool for helping with muscle soreness when it comes to DOMS.  You can use The Stick anytime and anywhere with easy and accuracy.  The Stick is very cost efficient.  To find out more, visit our site – The Stick provided by Zealous Vitality Inc.

Zealous Vitality Contest Winners

4 Jan

We have invited people and organizations to become members on my website @ www.thestick.ca for almost a month.  The results have been great.  In that time, we have offered a few prizes for members who have signed up.  Currently, I am waiting on the winners to get back to me and give me the OK to publish their names in an email, here and in a short video I will post on YouTube

Stay tuned for more details!!

You may be wondering what the membership thing is all about?  Let me explain.

  • It is FREE!!
  • We will give a way FREE stuff.
  • It is a great way to stay in touch with us and you.
  • We do send out information periodically about updates on our website .
  • Did I mention we will hold contests?
  • We love to find new ideas, tips and tricks and share them with you.
  • We also would like to give you information about The Sticks and Specialty Products.
  • We also know that sometimes you need reminders to stay motivated. 
  • It is a great way to take advantage of promotions.
  • One more thing….. we won’t bug you with constant emails!!!

I promise that we will not flood your in-boxes with emails and junk.  We will simply contact you from time to time. Your information is safe with us and we promise we will not share or sell your information to anyone!!  We hate spam as well. 

The information we post on our website and this blog is intended to help you make informed decisions about health, fitness and wellness.

Please sign-up on our front page of The Stick provided by Zealous Vitality Inc.  You will not be disappointed!

Keep Rollin’

The Stick and Fibromyalgia

13 Dec

Fibromyalgia can be debilitating to say the least!!

Currently, I have spoken to many people about Fibromyalgia and have found that using The Stick can be extremely beneficial.  Here are some common FAQ’s about Fibromyalgia taken from RPI of Atlanta, the creators of The Stick and Intracell Technology.

Q: What is Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)?

A: The condition can affect people in many different ways, however the major symptoms include diffuse muscular pain, ache, soreness and stiffness. Frequently waking during sleep and rising unrefreshed are companion symptoms. Memory loss and irritable bowel complaints are other symptoms that often accompany fibromyalgia syndrome.

Q: Is FMS difficult to diagnose?

A: Since the official criteria for diagnosis were established in 1990, it is said that FMS can be identified with an 88% accuracy.

Q: How does the healthcare practitioner diagnose FMS?

A: By performing a thorough history and examination. The diagnosis of FMS does not rely on laboratory findings or radiographic studies, but on a physical examination that must demonstrate diagnostic pain in at least 11 of 18 characteristic tender point sites. The tender point locations are actually 9 on each side of the body to total 18. The patient history must document widespread pain of at least 3 months duration. Widespread refers to right and left side of the body, above and below the waist, including the anterior and posterior axial skeleton.

Q: What is meant by diagnostic pain?

A: As the examiner presses or palpates the tender point site, diagnostic pain will occur with roughly 4 kilograms of pressure. If you press down with your thumb until you notice a blanching of your nail, then you have applied roughly 4 kilograms of pressure. This is known as the “Yunus Rule of Thumb”, from Muhammad Yunus, MD who published the first controlled study on Fibromyalgia in 1981.

Q: Are tender points and trigger points the same thing?

A: A safe and easy way to differentiate between the two is by pain patterns. Remember, the pain of fibromyalgia syndrome is widespread, hence the tender points will also be widespread. Trigger point pain is found in a condition known as myofascial pain syndrome which may be highly localized or regional. An active trigger point will also refer pain when deeply palpated, while a tender point is more likely to just cause more pain at the local site. Also, the prognosis for trigger points is more favorable than tender points.

Q: Do muscle spasms occur in Fibromyalgia Syndrome?

A: When examining muscles of the FMS patient they often feel tight and like a rope that is twisted and knotted. These shortened muscles and twisted fascia biomechanically compromise blood supply to the area. Remember that fascia has a tensile strength of 2000 pounds per square inch; it’s no wonder noncompliant muscles feel so tight when they are palpated. Without a copious blood supply muscles can not relax enough to recover, therefore the FMS patient exhibits a persistent low energy level regardless of their dietary habits. Remember it takes as much energy to relax a muscle as it does to work a muscle.

Q: What does noncompliant muscle mean to the FMS patient?

A: In order to understand the role of noncompliant or unhealthy muscle it is necessary to discuss complaint or healthy muscle. Compliant muscle can be stretched, shortened, twisted or compressed without restriction or pain. It exhibits good circulation, flexibility, strength and endurance. On the other hand non-compliant tissue is stiff, tender and sore with a feeling of painful knots or tight bands in the muscle. Noncompliant muscle also exhibits poor circulation, reduced flexibility, weakness and it easily fatigues. It is susceptible to injury in the same way a worn tire invites a blowout. Remember, the way we diagnose the FMS patient is by compressing noncompliant muscle at characteristic spots.

Q: Does therapeutic massage or myofascial release help the FMS patient?

A: Frequent use of myofascial release or therapeutic massage is the secret to the management of symptoms. The Intracell Stick allows the FMS patient to self-manage symptoms, between clinic visits, with a high degree of accuracy. Waiting for an appointment to get help, often triggers an unnecessary flare up for the patient.

Q: Can Fibromyalgia Syndrome be cured?

A: At present there is no cure for the syndrome. Dr. Stuart Silverman is quoted as saying, “Tricyclic drugs can be used to improve the quality of sleep or reduce pain sensitivity, but they are only mildly effective in alleviating the symptoms.” On the brighter side, Dr. Andrew Bonci, Professor, Department of Diagnoses at Cleveland College states,” advances in exercise science and manual medicine are evolving practical and promising solutions for the fibromyalgia patient.”

Q: How does the healthcare practitioner attract FMS patients to his or her office?

A: One of the best ways is to contact a local support group and request to speak at one of the meetings. If you don’t speak, go listen . . . you can learn a great deal about this condition from the ones who have it.

A great resource:

I have also found a fantastic resource called the Fibromyalgia Journal that has everything you want to know about the syndrome.

In particular, I was most interested in the information concerning myofascial release and trigger points.  Here is a quick exert:

The goal of myofascial release is to release fascial restrictions and allow the layers to move freely, thus allowing the muscles to shorten as well as to lengthen, as they should in a healthy human body.” – To read more click HERE.

Here is another great article I found – Fibromyalgia Syndrome & Trigger Points

To summarize, The Stick is an excellent tool for for people who suffer from Fibromyalgia.  This is because The Stick has the ability to break down trigger points and help to heal myofascia by increasing circulation and relieving pain.

 Visit www.TheStick.ca

IT Band Syndrome

11 Nov

I have noticed an interesting statistic.

It turns out that many people who visit my website – Zealous Vitality Inc. Featuring: THE STICK  are downloading my IT Band Specific Technique PDF file.  This tells me, there are many people out there who suffer from Iliotibial Band Sydrome (ITBS).

I know The Stick can help!  How do I know?  The answer is……… because The Stick offers deep penetrating massage!!!  There are articles, upon articles that agree and disagree with each other on how to treat ITBS.  The bottom line is they all agree that massage therapy works!

To save you time, here are a few resources:

The Stick is a perfect tool to help with ITBS.  When I help people decide what Stick is best for them, I always ask them if they have IT Band problems.  If so, I recommend a stiffer model like The Sprinter Stick so that they can massage their IT Bands anytime, anyplace!!

The Sprinter Stick

The Sprinter Stick

IT Band and The Stick – More Good Information!


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