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Traveling with The Stick – A Stick Testimony

6 Oct

Here is a fun little video testimony about Traveling with The Stick.

We posted more information here about travelling with The Stick.

What has been your experience when travelling with The Stick?  Post a comment below.


Another Testimonial About The Stick

31 Dec

Here is another testimonial about The Stick.   Susan is a soccer coach and runner.  She wanted a Body Stick for Christmas to give to her son.  She could not wait and opened it early!!

Susan Langdon – Soccer Coach and Runner

OKay, so I opened the stick before I wrapped it and tried it out last night. MOST AMAZING TOOL EVER!! Now I don’t really want to wrap it up, and I really really don’t waznt to share it! Thanks for a wonderful product!




“The Stick” Is An Amazing Tool!

29 Apr
Original Body Stick

Original Body Stick

Here are more testimonials that confirm that The Stick is FANTASTIC!

I found these on a blog called “The Breadcrumb Runner”.  You should really check it out.  The author (Nameless except for a female student residing in the USA) actually titled her blog post as “Holy Stick”.  The first thing you see is a Superman graphic and she starts off with:

It sits with its pearly-whites glistening in the sunlight, prepared at any moment to come to the rescue of a muscle in distress. With no costume or cape to identify this underestimated super hero as such, it is humble. Neither a resident of Gotham nor Metropolis, and bearing a name of neither Wayne nor Kent, it is not the idol of many popular comics, but rather that of runners’ magazines. What is this faceless, heroic entity? Its name, often whispered among the running community, wields great power. It is called…The Stick.”

It really is a great posting!  She finishes with:

“Essentially, the stick works like a rolling pin on the “dough” of the muscles, allowing you to bake up an epic performance and satisfy your knead for speed.”

Here is the link – http://breadcrumbrunner.blogspot.com/2009/03/holy-stick.html#comment-form

To see all the testimonials that I have collected, go here.


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