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A Great Video About The Stick and Specialty Products

30 Sep

Here is a video explaining some of the features about The Stick and affiliated Specialty Products like the FootWheel, TriggerWheel and PostureCurve.


Snow Shovelling Tips

29 Mar


In Alberta, Canada, shovelling snow can be a daunting task at the best of times.  We got another huge dump last night in the middle of March for the second weekend in a row!

Back Deck

Our Back Deck

front door view

Front Door View

Here are some typical snow shovelling tips:
  • Be the last one out and have your neighbours feel sorry for you and have them do it!
  • Pay the kids down the street
  • Borrow a snow blower
  • Let it melt

Here is what we like to do:

  • Shovel as a family – everybody goes out!
  • Extend your services to your neighbours
My son and my wife working together

My son and my wife working together!

My daughter hangn' out!

My daughter hangn' out!

Here are some tips to help you in this situation:

  • Shovel small areas at a time with frequent rests
  • Push the snow, rather than lift it
  • Push downhill with gravity
  • Lift with your legs, NOT your back
  • Don’t twist when you lift
  • Use a shovel you can handle — Don’t lift too much snow @ one time
  • Use an ergonomic shovel
  • Use your skeleton as a lever, not your muscles (see picture below)
  • Most Importantley *** DO A PROPER WARM-UP and Cool-Down***
This grip allows you to lift with your skeleton and triceps.

By lifting with this grip, you are able to use your triceps and sketeton, rather than your biceps.


Realistically you are not going to warm up by running around and stretching too much.  That is where The Stick comes in!  Inside your house: (all these exercises can be viewed here)

  • Roll out your legs
  • Roll out you arms
  • Roll out you neck
  • Roll out your back
  • Roll out your shoulders
  • Stretch your lower back with the PostureCurve

When you are done shovelling, repeat the above steps for your cool-down!

You are now ready to tackle any snow that Mother Nature decides to dump!

Speciality Products Related to The Stick

31 Jan

Here is another video!!

These are the Speciality Items related to The Stick.  They are FANTASTIC!

Using The Stick in Cold Weather

1 Jan

Since I live in an area in Alberta, Canada where there has been a substantial amount of snowfall and cold weather this year, I decided to experiment a little with The Stick as a warm-up and cool-down tool in cold weather.  Here are some relevant Stick tips.

Here is what we know already about The Stick as a warm-up/cool-down tool:

  • A typical warm-up for healthy muscle tissue is about 20 progressively deeper passes over each muscle group (about 30 seconds per area).
  • By warming up muscles for exercise, the muscles are becoming stimulated and ready to perform by increasing the blood flow to that muscle group.
  • A typical cool-down for healthy muscle tissue is about 20 progressively deeper passes over each muscle group (about 30 seconds per area).
  • By cooling down muscles after exercise, muscles are permitted to slowly return to their resting state and blood pooling will be reduced.  Soreness and stiffness can be diminished with a proper cool-down, leading to  increased recovery for the next time training takes place.  Never mind allowing your heart to recover.

Here is what I have been doing:

  1. Rolling over my legs (one leg @ a time) in my house, starting with quads, then hamstrings, then calves.
  2. Switching legs
  3. Lower back/Upper Back
  4. A little on the arms.
  5. Going out for a run in the cold/snow.
  6. Light stretching on thet front step of my house.
  7. Repeating steps 1-4 in my house.
  8. Stretching my lower back with the Posture Curve!

My findings have been very impressive.  I feel fantastic!  Due to the fact that I warm-up with The Stick, my muscles are prepared for exercise without expending energy.  This is a real benefit since the cold and snow already zap a lot of energy to begin with.  I can start my run right away without spending extra time outside “warming-up”.  My muscles are primed and ready to go.

You may notice that when you do exercise outside that your muscles due become stiff and cold even though you are exercising.  This is really apparent when your done your workout.  Typically your legs are a little cold and stiff.  This is where The Stick is even more impressive.  By rolling over your muscles, you actually are speeding up circulation by bringing blood flow to the area you are rolling.  Your legs actually warm-up a little at the same time you are flushing out the lactic acid that has built up from your training session.

Needless to say, The Stick is amazing!!

P.S.- My wife, who is the real runner, loves using The Stick too!!

P.S.S – These same results will work for your pets and horses!!

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