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It Must Be Christmas Time!

13 Dec


Lots of gifts being sent out!

Body Sticks

Travel Sticks

Marathon Sticks



Gear Review: The Stick – A toothbrush for your muscles?

9 Oct

Here is a review done by TrailRunner.ca. They are based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

The Stick is a self-massage tool the company claims to be ‘a toothbrush for your muscles’. This clever marketing is a high claim since most of us view a ‘tootbrush’ as an essential everyday (even twice a day) personal item. It was with this claim in mind that I reviewed and evaluated The Stick for its benefits for me as a runner.

I reviewed two versions of The Stick – The Original Stick and The Sprinter Stick. The Original Stick is 24″ (61 cm) long (retail – $46.75) while the Sprinter Stick is shorter at 19″ (48 cm) (retail – $38.45). The Original Stick has significantly more flex to it than the Sprinter Stick. The company’s website states the Sprinter Stick is best for heavy muscles with the Original Stick best for average muscles.

The products arrived two days after I had completed the Lost Soul Ultra 50k. My muscles were still quite sore and sensitive and my busy schedule didn’t have a lot of time for a massage appointment. So this was the perfect opportunity to test out a product claiming many benefits similar to those from massage therapy. I first tried the Original Stick on my sore and tight calf muscles followed by my almost still seizing hamstrings. The Original Stick has good flexibility and wrapped nicely around my calves, giving muscle stiffness relief that was similar to massage therapy treatment. The hard plastic cylinders that roll around the inner shaft allow you to work the muscles as hard or as soft as you wish.

The hamstrings were a bit more difficult as you must be sitting so that your hamstring muscles are relaxed for the Stick to be effective. The hamstring is generally most relaxed when you are lying on your back or stomach; thereby making self-massage with The Stick a bit more tricky. I found sitting on a couch with adequate height worked well or alternatively sitting on the ground with your legs straight out and the Stick underneath your legs. Yet, with both positions the muscle wasn’t as completely relaxed as it would be if a massage therapist was working on you. Once I found a good position the Original Stick worked well to ease some of my hamstring tightness from the race.

The next day I then tried the same thing, but with the Sprinter Stick rather than the Original Stick. The shorter and more rigid Sprinter was not as effective as the Original Stick on these muscle groups. My relatively small frame 5′6″, 130 lbs perhaps doesn’t lend itself to the stiffer Sprinter Stick, because I could only work small portions of the muscle due to the lack of flexibility.  I then tried the Sprinter Stick on my quads with more success. This large and easy-to-access muscle group seemed to be more effectively worked with the rigid Sprinter stick, since direct pressure could be applied to a larger muscle region.

So, does the Stick live up to its lofty claim of being a ‘tootbrush for your muscles’? I’d say yes it did and now I use it almost everyday – a true test of a product’s value.  It has noticeable benefits when used daily and if you go a few days without your muscles will let you know. Nonetheless it’s not possible to work every muscle with the Stick and I see it being used in conjunction with regular massage treatment for full recovery.

For the majority of runners, especially leaner trail and ultra runners I’d recommend the Original Stick. It is highly effective at providing relief for sore aching muscles and promoting a quicker post-race recovery time. It performs as well, or better, than a foam roller on most muscle groups, including the IT band, and is easier to take with you to a destination race. If you have larger, especially tight, muscles then the Sprinter Stick might be a more effective alternative for you and its smaller size is slightly more convenient for storage and traveling.

There are now a host of post-run home physio products on the market, including various types of rollers, stretching bands, and even at-home ultrasound. From my experience the Stick is one product that will result in genuine improved recovery and which you will feel better after you use. Regardless of how many academic research studies are behind a product (and the Stick has dozens just check the website), the user will decide if they feel better and recover faster after its use. Gladly, I can say that the Stick passed this test and I now use it daily.

Products were supplied by Zealous Vitality – www.thestick.ca


To see the article at Trail Runner click here.

The Stick is Showcased on The Doctors

14 Oct


What more can be said…..check out this video – http://thedoctorstv.com/main/home_page?init_type=Feature&init_id=2105.

It looks like they are using the Original Body Stick (blue handles), the Sprinter Stick (grey handles – short), the Little Stick (black handles) and the Big Stick (grey handles – long).  Their commentary is pretty funny.

Sorry, I could not embed the video!

Lower Body Warm-Up – Using The Stick

27 Feb

In his article “Lower Body Warm-Up – 10 Minutes to Better Performance!“, Nick Tumminello gives loads of information on how to warm-up.

In fact, his article is jam packed with information, I could not keep it to myself.  Not only does he use The Stick, but he also gives a specific routine to perform.

Nick goes into deep detail on his 3 Key Points to an Effective Warm-up:

3 Key Points to an Effective Warm-up:

  • Key Point #1 – Use Unilateral Movements
  • Key Point #2 – Do stuff you wouldn’t normally do!
  • Key Point #3 – Use your warm-up as an assessment!

The article has loads of great information and videos as well.

It looks like the Original Body Stick is being used by a fairly big guy.  I am impressed with this article and it is must read.  Please click on the link above.


Comments on Massage Products!

25 Oct

Here is an awesome and funny article written by Cathy on her blog fourwhite feet.  She uses very creative words for massage devices!!

Cathy and her dogs!

Cathy and her dogs!

Massage Gizmos

Of all the massage gizmos in my possession, more than I wish to enumerate here, there are two (maybe three) I would buy again.

First is the Theracane. I got one just before Tejas 500 and I think it contributed to my finishing in good shape. I usually get neck and shoulder pain after a few hours of riding. At other races Jen has leaned an elbow into my trapezius (trapezii ?) periodically. At Tejas I left the Theracane hanging near my food table. Between laps I’d grab it, inflict a few seconds of torture to my neck, traps, and rhomboids, and return to riding with significant relief.

(Another note on this subject: I noticed after about 30 hours of riding that I got a lot of neck/shoulder relief by moving my arms way back on my aero bars, so my wrists were practically resting on the pads. In other words, I was too stretched out on my bike. Not saying this is always the case, but you might try moving closer or farther away if you’re having neck/shoulder pain.)

So why did I wait so long to get a Theracane? I’ve known about them for years. Well, I have a stick; like go in the forest and pick up a stick, that approximates the same functionality so I didn’t think I needed one. I can say now, that besides being more portable, the Theracane is capable of more precision and generally works better than a stick.

Speaking of sticks, the other thigamajig I’d buy again is the Original Body Stick. Unfortunately you can’t find these laying around in the forest. The Body Stick offers a kinder, gentler neck massage than the Theracane. Not to say it can’t hurt like H-E-2*L if you’re sore. The Body Stick is simple, and portable, and you can use it standing up, or sitting down to massage neck, back, arms and legs.

Which brings me to all those other whatchamadoozies. It’s not that I don’t use them. Well, the ones that require another person really don’t get used, but I do use the other self-massage doohitchies. The problem is, 85% of the time it’s either not convenient, or I just don’t feel like rolling around on the floor. While body weight inflicted torture is unique and works well for some areas; i.e. piriformis, the strength and contortion required usually make the floor models less relaxing.

So what’s number (maybe) three you ask? Don’t get too excited. It’s the Travel Stick. Nice if you need a shorter version to fit in a smaller suitcase, but generally the length is not as good as the Original, and mine has had a funny plastic smell for years that makes it less pleasant to use.

I love Cath’s comments of not having to roll around on the floor and not having to use your body weight to get results.   The Stick is 100% controlled by the user!  You apply as much pressure as you like in any position.  If you are out my way in Alberta, Canada, you should look me up @ The Stick.ca.

The Stick at Work!

1 Oct

If you have time to take a break at work,(and you should) then you have time to roll out and use The Stick

Original Body Stick

Original Body Stick

You can use The Stick @ your desk to loosen tight muscles in your back, shoulders and neck. You can also use The Stick to roll out your forearms to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

You can use The Stick to warm-up your muscles before you go for your lunch-time run.  Then when you are done, you can use The Stick for cool-down.

You can also keep a TriggerWheel in your desk to roll out the muscles in your neck and forearms.  Ease neck tension by rolling the TriggerWheel over the back of your neck from the base of your spine to the bottom of your neck.



Try keeping a FootWheel under your desk to roll out your feet while you work!



The Stick, TriggerWheel or FootWheel do not need any extra equipment like mats or plug ins.  You can get the benefits of massage therapy at any time of the day at your desk.  If you are worried about distracting your co-workers, don’t be.  The Stick virtually makes very little noise and you do not need to go to the ground to use it.

Everyone Should Have a Massage Stick Called “The Stick”!

13 Sep

When I say that “Everyone Should Have a Massage Stick”, I am speaking of The Stick.

Original Body Stick

Original Body Stick

I am not speaking of any other type of a massage stick  that is out there, because I am not sure about them.  What I am sure about is how effective The Stick is on sore, tired muscles.  The Stick is the original patented device created to massage muscles. 

Here is an exert that RPI of Atlanta created to help explain what The Stick is:

“Intracell Technology™ is founded on solid, scientific evidence in muscle physiology. It employs a sophistication that attracts progressive practitioners, top level athletes, performing artists and individuals who aspire to gain and retain peak physical performance. 

Intracell Technology™ employs the use of a patented, proven, therapeutic muscle device that will improve the quality and quantity of bodily motion at work, at play, and at home. The instrument is trademarked the INTRACELL® in the healthcare community and The Stick® in all other markets.”

 It really does not matter who you are or what you do.  We all experience muscle stiffness and or pain at some point in our lives.  The Stick:

  • Improves Strength
  • Increases Flexibility
  • Extends Endurance
  • Accelerates Recovery Time
  • Reduces Muscle Soreness, Stiffness & Pain
  • Prepares Muscle for Rigors of Activity
  • Flushes Muscle from Rigors of Activity

Most of all The Stick INCREASES CIRCULATION!!!  By having good circulation throughout your body, your muscles can perform to their potential while being efficient at daily tasks.  Good circulation means your tissues are getting the needed oxygen and blood supply.  Without proper circulation, limbs can feel weak and cold.

For these simple reasons above, I recommend that everyone should have a Stick in their home or workplace to roll their way to healthy, happy muscles. There is nothing worse than being stiff and sore!!

The Stick is incredibly easy to use.  It takes up no room at all and best of all, you probably won’t need another one for a very long time!!

Dancers and Figure Skaters Love The Stick!

5 Sep

I have had numerous people tell me that they were watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada they other night and saw Emanuel Sandhu using The Stick!  I of course was very excited to hear this because I am a fan of the show and The Stick.  You can become a fan of the The Stick too!

Thanks to one of our members at Zealous Vitality – Sharon (who just purchased a Marathon Stick), she found the video!!  Please see the video below.  The part about The Stick happens just after the 5:30 mark of the video.  Thank you so much Sharon!!!


Looks like he is using The Original Body Stick!

Original Body Stick

Original Body Stick

Tips For Recovery From An Event Like An Ironman

29 Jul

The Ironman is for sure an amazing accomplishment for any athlete.  There are those athletes out there that compete  in Ironmans around the world.  Some do them back to back with very little recovery time.  

How do they recover?

There are many ways to recover after strenuous activity.  I would like to bring your attention to the following suggestions:


  • Replenish –  Carbs, Proteins and fluids – lots of them!
  • Movement – Keep walking and moving around
  • Massage – A light flushing massage is best!
  • Take a cool bath – immerse body
  • Elevate your feet – for a short while and rest
  • Walk more – in the early evening
  • Sleep – get to be early


  • Replenish – All food is fine!
  • Movement – light activity for no more than 20min.
  • Love your legs – compress them, elevate them, gently massage them

These suggestions should help you feel better the next couple of days following an extreme event such as an Ironman.  Truthfully, the above suggestions would help anyone recover after any strenuous activity.  The above information can be expanded on by going to the source where I found the information.  It is called xtri.com.  The article was written by Chuckie V for an athlete that he coached who competed in 2 Ironmans 35days apart.  Chuckie goes into great detail and also discusses what to do the over the following 2 weeks after an Ironman.  The article is called Post Ironman Recovery.

What caught my eye was the advice given about not eating fats after the race, using compression and gentle massage.  Not eating fats can be easily done.  Finding compression shorts and other clothing is easy as well.  Compression clothing is in a lot of the literature out right now.  There are compression suites, socks, shorts etc.  The gentle massage can be achieved by going to somebody, having a friend massage you or massaging yourself.

This is where The Stick comes in.  When you use The Stick as a massage tool, you control the intensity 100%.  As you roll over your muscles, you are able to go as light or as heavy as you like.  The other beautiful thing is, you don’t need to leave your house, hotel or anywhere you are staying.  You do not need any special equipment, like a mat or gloves or electricity.  You can simply just sit, stand, lie or kneel and roll out your muscles!

Original Body Stick

Original Body Stick

Choosing The Right Massage Stick

19 Apr

This post is a follow- up from a post I created called “The Different Stick Models“.  In that post on Jan 31, 2008, I created a video that explained the different models according to length and flexibility.  A gentlemen by the name of Van wrote a comment saying “Could you make a video helping folks to choose “which” model to buy? This is a great video which shows all the different models, but I’m still confused by ‘which’ model I should buy. For example, provide comparisons on the sprinter model versus the marathon model, compare the body to the stiff stick, etc, to help people choose the right stick for them.”

I will create a video, but let’s first get the basics down first.  We need to keep in mind that body types, height, weight and muscle density vary from person to person.  That is why there are so many different models. 

When I speak of muscle density, I am referring to how heavily an individual is muscled.  For example, do they have the body of The Incredible Hulk or they built like a long and lean Marathon Runner?

Categorized by muscle density: (Note: Sticks are listed from shortest to longest)

  • Heavy, dense muscle = Sprinter Stick, Stiff Stick, Big Stick
  • Medium, average muscle = Travel Stick, Original Body Stick, Power Stick
  • Light, lean muscle = Marathon Stick, Flex Stick

Let’s now explore the rigidity of The Stick.  Basically, every Stick has the same components; handles, spindles and a core.  The core is what makes The Stick stiff or flexible.  The term “standard” refers to a Stick that has a medium flex to it.  A stiffer Stick will give a deeper massage with little effort.  Think of a wooden spoon compared to a plastic spatula.  The wooden spoon offers very little flexibility, where as the spatula can contour to the substance (muscle) a little easier. 

Categorized by rigidity: (Note: Sticks are listed from shortest to longest)

  • Stiff Models- Sprinter Stick, Stiff Stick, Big Stick
  • Standard Models – Travel Stick, Original Body Stick, Power Stick
  • Flexible Models- Marathon Stick, Flex Stick

Note:  Any Stick can be made more stiff my sliding one of your hands onto the spindles (choking up)!

Now we will categorize by the length of The Stick.  The longer models are made for taller individuals.  A longer model also allows for greater ease of movement for working on back muscles.  The longest models are meant for people over 6’2″.

Categorized by length: (Note: Sticks are listed from flexible to stiff)

  • Long Models – Flex Stick, Power Stick, Big Stick
  • Medium Models – Original Body Stick, Stiff Stick
  • Short Models – Marathon Stick, Travel Stick, Sprinter Stick

Here is a comparison chart:

Short Models Rigidity Common Usage Addition Info.
Marathon Stick Flexible Lean muscles Adults,Children,Seniors
Travel Stick Standard Average muscles Great for travelling
Sprinter Stick Stiff Heavy muscles Short and stiff
Medium Models Rigidity Common Usage Addition Info.
Original Body Stick Standard Average muscles, full body Very versatile
Stiff Stick Stiff Heavy muscles, full body Stiff and powerful
Long Models Rigidity Common Usage Addition Info.
Flex Stick Flexible Lean muscles, full body Tall people
Power Stick Standard Average muscles, full body Tall people
Big Stick Stiff Heavy muscles, full body Tall people

I hope this helps!!  To say the least, it is The Original Body Stick that can easily meet the needs of the average person.

Original Body Stick

Original Body Stick

Please feel free to contact me @ www.thestick.ca or leave a comment below.

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