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It Must Be Christmas Time!

13 Dec


Lots of gifts being sent out!

Body Sticks

Travel Sticks

Marathon Sticks



The Stick Makes a Perfect Gift!

8 Dec

Why does The Stick make a perfect gift?


Here is why The Stick makes the perfect gift:

  1. Personalized – One size does not fit all!  Each person has a different body, therefore there are many different Sticks to meet each persons individualized needs.
  2. Easy to Use – The Stick comes with very easy instructions.  You do not need to go to the floor and you control 100% of the intensity.
  3. Keeps on Giving – The Stick does not wear out.  It is extremely durable and expertly made.
  4. Portable – The recipient of the great gift can take it anywhere!
  5. Prevention/Rehabilitation/Prediction/Identification – That’s right….when used often, The Stick can prevent, rehabilitate, predict and identify soft-tissue injuries.

Give the gift that keeps giving!!

The Stick Makes a Great Gift! FREE SHIPPING!!

1 Dec

Members of Zealous Vitality Inc. can get any product with FREE SHIPPING for the next 15 days!!

There are two catches. Your shipping address must be in Canada, but not in BC.  The other catch is to provide us with a testimonial or a couple of tips about using The Stick.  Your testimonial or tips can be added to the purchase order form under the customer notes section when you submit your order.

The Stick and specialty products make excellent gifts!  The best thing is people will never guess what it is when you wrap a Stick up!

Happy Holidays!!!

The Gift That Keeps on Roll’n!

23 Nov


Have you got all your holiday shopping done yet?

Why not purchase a Stick for anyone on your list?  I gaurantee that they won’t be able to tell what it is when it is all wrapped up.  In addition, the one liner jokes and hints you could write on the gift tag could be endless!  You could say stuff like:

  •  Here is a gift that will make you feel good!
  • “Stick” to it!
  • You can roll your troubles away!
  • “Stick” it to stress with this gift.
  • Your muscles will thank me.
  • Yule be rolling for the holidays!

Ok, Ok, I know they are getting pretty bad.  I will stop.  Please feel free to make a comment below if you have other good ones!!

Ok, seriously….. The Stick does make a great gift for anyone.  It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

If you are wondering what model to purchase, please click here to visit my site.

The Stick

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