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A Routine to Massage Your Legs With “The Stick”.

1 Aug

Here is a video I recorded on how to massage your legs using The Stick.   I am using the Travel Stick while I roll out my legs.  The Travel Stick has a standard flexibility and is short, making it ideal for travel.

The Travel Stick

The Travel Stick

The different models of Sticks can be found here



Nutritional Biomechanics and The Stick

21 Jan

Have you ever heard of this term “Nutritional Biomechanics”.  I know I didn’t until I got involved in researching about The Stick.  I have posted a description of this interesting subject below.

By the way, I am a firm believer that nutrition and sleep are the top variables that a person can monitor and directly control.  Most of us a born with some combination of  speed, endurance, flexibility and power.  Some people can increase their abilities in one area, but not others, no matter how hard they try.  Some level of improvement will be seen with training.  However, advanced levels of achievement come with years of training and hard work.  Sleep and nutrition are directly controlled on how we take care of our bodies.   Imagine how much harder or how fast a person can recover with proper rest and nutrition?  

Nutritional Biomechanics:

The Stick helps to strengthen your muscles by employing Nutritional Biomechanics.

Here’s a short definition:
“In principle, Nutritional Biomechanics exploits the unique biomechanical relationship between muscle and its nutrient delivery system. Patient care for fibromyalgia syndrome, trigger point pain, muscle strain and delayed muscle soreness is especially magnified by supplementing the patient with a balanced nutritional drink 20-30 minutes prior to therapeutic stretching and massage. Such a protocol will insure that the blood entering the newly relaxed muscle is nutrient-dense. A full complement of nutrients will provide the raw materials needed for healing.”
– Dr. Andrew S. Bonci
Copyright 1992, All Rights Reserved Dr. Andrew S. Bonci Sport Biomechanics Laboratory

As you can see, The Stick can really make a difference in how nutrition is used in the body.  Basically, ingest some nutrient rich substance 20-30 minutes before you use The Stick, then roll out your muscles to increase circulation and blood flow.


The Technology Behind The Stick

19 Jan

As a  follow-up post to my last one.  I would like to give some information about the technology behind The Stick.  This should answer the question of what does The Stick actually do?

Here it goes: (Note: Please remember that “Intracell Technology” can be used interchangeably with “The Stick.”)

The Q-10 Effect

Warm muscles perform better than cool muscles. Traditionally, athletes would have to do light exercise to raise muscle temperature and enhance enzyme activity. This came at the expense of energy stores that could make the difference between first place and second place. Intracell Technology allows an athlete to warm-up without expending energy reserves.

Speed, Strength and Endurance

Emphasis on flexibility training by most athletes is almost non-existent. However, flexibility is crucial for developments in speed, strength and endurance. The usual approach to flexibility is less than optimal since muscle rarely stiffens uniformly. Typically, isolated segments of muscle become chronically shortened. Intracell Technology allows an athlete to perform general stretching as well as segmental stretching procedures with a high degree of precision.

Barrier Trigger Points

Barrier trigger points are inflexible bands of muscle containing knots. These barriers set an artificial ceiling on muscle performance by restricting blood flow to the muscle.And, unrestricted blood flow is vital for both high performance and full recovery from exercise. Intracell Technologylifts the ceiling on performance by extinguishing barrier trigger points.

Growth, Repair and Glycogen

Restricted blood flow to the muscles following exercise hinders muscle growth, muscle repair and glycogen repletion. Blood flow restrictions are due to generalized muscle tightness and barrier trigger points. Intracell Technology relaxes tight muscle which enhances muscle growth, repairs tissue and augments glycogen repletion following heavy exercise.

Enhanced Lactic Acid Removal

During exercise, lactic acid can build to critical levels where optimal performance is sacrificed. Intracell Technology expedites the discharge of lactic acid from your muscles and encourages its conversion into glucose by the liver.

The Stick

The Stick and Horses

16 Dec

Yes, you read it correctly!  The Stick is awesome for our equine friends. 

Just like humans, horses react to exercise and develop soreness and trigger points like we do.  The only difference is they don’t complain about it as much as we do.   In fact, equine massage is big business!  Around where I live (Alberta, Canada), there are ranchers, rodeo enthusiasts, dressage participants and the like.  If they care about their horses, then they are having their horses being treated by chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopathics and even acupuncturists.

I still say that nothing will replace the human touch, but The Stick is the next best thing.  The best part, is you can work on your horse anytime, anywhere!  Because this amazing tool is non-motorized, you do not need a plug in, it can get wet and dirty and it is very easy to transport.

Due to the fact that horses are like athletes, we treat them the same way.  You simply roll The Stick over the horses muscles!!  I recommend using the Stiff Stick.

We recommend this Stick because it is stiff and longer for more leverage.  A horses muscles are quite dense!


What Can “The Stick” Do for Horses?  

By increasing circulation and breaking down Trigger Points (muscle knots), “The Stick” can: 

Improve Strength

Increase Flexibility 

Extend Endurance

Accelerate Recovery Time

Reduce Muscle Soreness, Stiffness & Pain

Prepare Muscles for Rigors of Activity

Flushes Muscles from the Rigors of Activity



Please visit here for more details!!

What can The Stick do for me?

30 Sep

 By rolling your muscles with The Stick you can:


→Improve Strength

→Increase Flexibility

→Extend Endurance

→Accelerate Recovery Time

→Reduce Muscle Soreness, Stiffness & Pain

→Prepare Muscle for Rigors of Activity

→Flush Muscle from Rigors of Activity


How and why does this happen?


The simple answer is….. A Healthy Muscle is a Responsive Muscle!!

The more complex answer is….. When muscles are sore, they are recovering from injury.  An injured muscle cannot perform the same as a healthy muscle.  In most cases, if treatment is not applied to an injured muscle, another injury may take place.


More precisely……. Trigger points (knots) and lesions (tears) can form in a muscle from a result of excersice or activity. It is well known that massage and self-massage techniques are applied to repair muscles that are injured and sore.  By using The Stick muscle soreness and further injury can be addressed and treated.


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