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1 Jul

We are SUPER happy to announce that Neema Nzyoka will be joining the Zealous Vitality Team!


Neema will take care of shipping, tracking and office duties for The Stick.  She comes to us with loads of office experience, a FANTASTICK work ethic and unreal people skills!  This now means that orders will be filled faster and tracked accordingly.

Happy Canada Day!


The Stick at the Olympics

18 Feb

I have sold many Sticks to Olympians and I know they use them.  It is always very exciting to see The Stick in use by anyone.  However, seeing Olympians use them is very cool.

photoYes, that is a Sprinter Stick @ 43 seconds!

What I love most is the video tributes that CBC puts out!  Click below to watch the video:

Fresh Tracks: Broken Teeth by Sam Roberts


Played Around With an Ad!

20 Jan





I tried my skills with an Advertisement using the free software GIMP!  I used the Marathon Stick and Hybrid Stick as my models!

It Must Be Christmas Time!

13 Dec


Lots of gifts being sent out!

Body Sticks

Travel Sticks

Marathon Sticks


The Stick Makes a Perfect Gift!

8 Dec

Why does The Stick make a perfect gift?


Here is why The Stick makes the perfect gift:

  1. Personalized – One size does not fit all!  Each person has a different body, therefore there are many different Sticks to meet each persons individualized needs.
  2. Easy to Use – The Stick comes with very easy instructions.  You do not need to go to the floor and you control 100% of the intensity.
  3. Keeps on Giving – The Stick does not wear out.  It is extremely durable and expertly made.
  4. Portable – The recipient of the great gift can take it anywhere!
  5. Prevention/Rehabilitation/Prediction/Identification – That’s right….when used often, The Stick can prevent, rehabilitate, predict and identify soft-tissue injuries.

Give the gift that keeps giving!!

Video Testimonies about The Stick

8 Oct

Here are some recent video Testimonies about The Stick.

We have more testimonials here.

Please make a comment and share your testimonial about The Stick.

A Great Video About The Stick and Specialty Products

30 Sep

Here is a video explaining some of the features about The Stick and affiliated Specialty Products like the FootWheel, TriggerWheel and PostureCurve.

The Stick & Zealous Vitality Welcome Apex Massage Therapy

27 Jul

We would like to welcome Apex Massage Therapy as a venue in which to purchase Travel Sticks in Calgary, Alberta.

Kensington 403.270.7788
17th Ave 403.244.8925

Facebook cover page for The Stick

28 Mar

I just created a new facebook cover page for The Stick.

‘The Stick’ Self Massage Tool Reviewed by Technically Running

12 Jan

The folks at have posted a review of The Stick.  The model they use is the Sprinter Stick pictured in their graphic below.

Picture from

We have more reviews of The Stick on our website.

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