A Review of the Marathon Stick

17 Jan
Marathon Stick


 I just found this review of The Marathon Stick done by Amature Endurance – A Trusted Resource for Amature Athletes.

Here are some highlights:

“The Marathon Stick is one of my favorite accessories for runners. The product itself is very simple and easy to use. I like to use it after my workouts and races to massage my muscles.”

“In my opinion, this is a required running accessory unless you have a masseuse you can see regularly. It is very easy to use and easy to take with you anywhere. Sore muscles are a part of being an endurance athlete and I have found the Stick to be a great way to help get rid of sore muscles faster than other similar products.”

“In terms of price and quality. You get what you pay for. The Stick may seem expensive but it is a lot cheaper than getting a massage. I have been using the Stick for a couple years now and it works just as good as the first day I used it.”

To see the entire post and the video click here.

In Alberta, Canada ….you can pick up a Marathon Stick here.


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