Embarrassing Moments in the Gym

16 Jan


Being embarrassed in the gym is nothing new, but I think this is funny stuff!  In fact, it got me thinking of my gym experiences like dumping my water bottle everywhere or not being able to figure out a machine or when I dropped a weight stack.

Anyway, here are 10 embarrassing moments in the gym:

1. Passing Gas

2. Falling off the Treadmill

3. Gym Machine Confusion

4. Wardrobe Malfunction

5. Tripping, Slipping or Hurting Yourself

6. Throwing Up

7. Lifting Too Much Weight

8. Sweating in Embarrassing Places

9. Seeing Your Boss Naked

10. Realizing You Have Two Left Feet

I would also like to add another one of mine – thinking that spending 45min on different tricep exercises would make my arms huge.   You see in University, our professor told my best Buddie and I that if you want big arms, then work on triceps because there are 3 heads, not 2 like biceps!!

I also think someone should start a list of embarrassing moments that you feel embarrassed for someone else!  I mean I remember the guy who would not stop grunting matter what weight he was lifting.  Or the the guy who insisted on walking around with his shirt off.  I even remember a lady breaking out her “workout gear” from 20 years earlier.

The 10 embarrassing moments are expanded on in this article.  In fact for each moment, the author offers suggestions on how to deal with it!

Fell free to make a comment below.

Part 2 Just came out!!

10 Most Annoying Gym Personalities: Tips on Proper Gym Etiquette Part 2

In no particular order, here is a list of the most annoying gym goers:

1. The American Idol

2. The Boneparte

3. The Kanye West

4. The Perez Hilton

5. The Screamer

6. The Backstage Ass

7. The Chris Benoit

8. The Uninvited Expert

9. The Rico Suave

10. The Bar Star

To read the full descriptions and how to deal with these annoying people click here!


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