Road Cycling Magazine Thinks The Stick Is Great

4 Jan


Here are some highlights from the most recent edition of Road Cycling – New Zealand’s online cycling magazine.

Ben (the author of the article) said:

“Overall this product gets a thumbs up from 

Over the last four weeks I have been using The Stick most days and it has certainly uncovered a number of knots that have needed some serious attention.

 The knee pain is now all but gone and the legs are feeling better and better every day.”

“The Stick is a fairly simple device that you can just throw into your bag and take anywhere, meaning you never need to be without a device to roll your muscles.  This is a big benefit over large foam rollers which many athletes use.”

The article states:

“These studies have proven a 64% increase in flexibility from the use of The Stick is achievable, translating into more power and speed in the muscles. 

The general instructions were to use the stick by rolling over each muscle group for about 20 passes or about 30 seconds per area. When I found a sore point in the muscle, being a bump or knot, I was told to apply a little more attention to this area until it was gone.

 There were more than a few sore points in my legs and I was happy to start working them away.

 The rolling action of The Stick helps to remove knots through compression and stretching, promoting a healthy blood supply which assists natural recovery and health of the muscle.

 The advice in the instructions was to use The Stick in the morning, just before you go to bed, or in fact anytime you want your muscles to feel better.”

The entire article can be found here.

Pick up a Stick in New Zealand


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