More Positive Comments About The Stick

10 Dec

Here are some more comments I found on a Runner’s World forum about The Stick.

The summary of the main question was:  What do you use for sore muscles!  The Stick? Active-Response-Therapy(self-massage)or do you get regular massages?

“Own and use the Stick often.  Have gotten about 5 massages in my lifetime but still a little weirded out about it.  Massage does work! ”

“All of the above! I’ve been getting ART (active release technique) done since February, try to get a sports massage once per month (my masseuse is also a runner) and have the stick.”

 “I used The Stick for the first time in a year yesterday! Plus a little self massage. It definitely helped my soreness. I get maybe 1-2 massages per year. I’d get more if it were in the budget. It seems I’ve finally kicked my piriformis issue and with my ankle feeling better I may be able to avoid the chiropractor for ART.”

“I use the stick, foam roll, massage… you name it. It blows my mind that I get injured when I’m so diligent about stretching and foam rolling after runs.”

“I use the foam roller 6-7 days a week and the Stick on occasion.  I have went to my sports massage therapist around 8 times in the past 6 months for trigger point therapy.  If it wasn’t $85/hour I would see her every other week because my legs feel GREAT walking out of the place.”

” I have and use the Stick, foam roller, frozen water bottles for ice massage, a couple ART sessions.  PT is just down the hall from me so I sneak in there when I need to and have them work on me if needed with ultrasound, ice massage, manipulation.”

“For sore muscles I do NSAIDS every once in a while after a tough run.  I have the stick and a foam roller, but haven’t used them since the hammie started quieting down.  Can’t justify massage while I’m unemployed.”

“I love massages but don’t get them often enough.”

“foam roller, the stick, stretching, pt exercises. I’ve done sport massage in the past which is very helpful, though painful at the time. ”

” I use the stick and a tennis ball. I love getting massages but I do feel a little weird about someone else working for my relaxation.”

“What don’t I do?!  use the stick regularly- on running and non-running days; foam roll daily; PT (deep tissue massage and then some) once a week; tennis ball self-massage daily; BF has learned how to give deep tissue massage/do myofascial release and lately that’s 1-3x/week.  Ice, TENS machine, stretching/yoga are regulars also.  Used to get ART but haven’t done that since July.  Wish I could get regular massages but $$ limits that.”

“I stick myself on a regular basis…when I ran on a regular basis. oh, and ice baths for hard runs or LR’s 15+, definitely.”

Summary:  The Stick is very popular with runners!!


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