The Stick on Social Media

8 Nov

Social media is a great medium to connect with others.  In fact, social media allows people with similar interests interact quickly and efficiently.  I have joined a few social networks to see what people are most interested in and to see where the trends are.  To my surprise, tools such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent for staying in touch with people and interacting.

I love the fact that I know what people are up to and what they are interested in.  Facebook has helped me find new and old friends.  The pages section has allowed me to get up to date information on the topics I am most interested in.  As a result, I have created a “Fan” page for The Stick.  I post information all the time that I think people will find informative and help them live a healthy, active life.  You can become a fan of the stick here:

Twitter is an excellent way to follow people who have the same interests as you.  Once you start following people, you stay on top of the latest information.  Here is my Twitter profile:


Oh ya, don’t forget about YouTube!!!


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