Understanding Trigger Points – Hands on!!

3 Nov

I have to share this fantastic information with you.  I have been following Patrick Ward on Twitter and have found some awesome information he has posted on his website.  If you wan to learn more about Trigger Points, you should check out his to videos and the information in print.

It Hurts Right Here: The Mystery of Pain
Keats Snideman BS, CSCS, RKC, LMT
Patrick Ward MS, CSCS, LMT

Patrick and Keats write and talk about:

  • Development of Pain in the Myofascial Tissues
  • Are All Painful Spots Trigger Points?
  • How Do You Know if You’re Dealing with TrP’s?
  • Soft Tissue Techniques
  • Applying Trigger Point referrals to myofascial lines
  • Linking science to practice
  • Practical Applications
  • Conclusions

Credit goes to:

Keats Snideman is the owner of Reality Based Fitness.  Patrick Ward is the owner of Optimum Sports Performance.  Together they own the Reality Based Fitness/Optimum Sports Performance Training facility in Tempe, AZ, where they offer sport conditioning and soft tissue therapy to athletes and clients of all levels and abilities.  In addition, they both host the Reality Based Fitness Podcast.

Here are the videos:

Here is the direct link to the article : It Hurts Right Here: The Mystery of Pain

Remember, The Stick can help to take care of your soft tissue, the same way a therapists hands roll over your muscles.  As always, I do not claim that The Stick should replace human touch.  The massage device provides excellent support for your muscular heath.


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