“The Stick” for IT Band Issues

18 Oct

I often look at my stats of my blog and my website.  To date, the most popular posts here on my blog is IT Band Syndrome and Choosing The Right massage Stick.  The most popular FREE DOWNLOAD on my website is Specific Techniques for the IT Band


This tells me that people are looking for information about IT Band Syndrome.  Please click on the links above to get more information and watch this great video below for more information about how to take care of your IT Band.  There are stretches for your IT Band as well as strengthening exercises for the IT Band.

By the way, when I speak with people about their IT Band issues, almost all of them end up grabbing a Sprinter Stick.  It is because the Sprinter Stick is stiff and can really roll out the IT Band.

The Sprinter Stick

The Sprinter Stick


I will be creating more resources such as videos and blog entries about this subject so check back often!!


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