Help With Fibromyalgia

29 Aug

When I was working @ the Edmonton Marathon a couple of weeks a go, Patti came by my booth.  It turns out she was dealing with Fibromyalgia!  We spoke together for quite a while sharing information and resources that we have heard about.  Our conversation consisted of treatment options such as massage,exercise, stretching, and drug treatments for Fibromyalgia.

Patti was a wealth of knowledge and creditable because she was getting better!!  I have spoke to many people about Fibromyalgia and have learned many things.  One resource of information that she shared with me is a book that I never heard of:Fibromyalgia Book

I was so impressed with our conversation, that I asked Patti to send me some information about this great book.  I cannot claim that I have read this book, but I have read some pages that she sent me.

So far, I think it is amazing!  My philosophy of finding appropriate resources and information is to get second, third and even fourth opinions.  Talk to people and network.  There is nothing better than first hand knowledge about a condition from a person that deals with that condition every day of their lives. 

Patti, her husband and I spoke for quite some time and exchanged information and contacts.  

As a side note, Patti was really at my booth wondering about “The Stick”.  It turns out that she picked up a Flex Stick that offers her a longer, more flexible model to get at her shoulders and back.  People with Fibromyalgia usually gravitate to the Marathon Stick that offers excellent flexibility as well.

I thank Patti for sharing this information and hopefully some readers of this post will helpful.  If you have suggestions, please comment below!!

Here are some other posts I have done about Fibromyalgia:


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