Tips For Recovery From An Event Like An Ironman

29 Jul

The Ironman is for sure an amazing accomplishment for any athlete.  There are those athletes out there that compete  in Ironmans around the world.  Some do them back to back with very little recovery time.  

How do they recover?

There are many ways to recover after strenuous activity.  I would like to bring your attention to the following suggestions:


  • Replenish –  Carbs, Proteins and fluids – lots of them!
  • Movement – Keep walking and moving around
  • Massage – A light flushing massage is best!
  • Take a cool bath – immerse body
  • Elevate your feet – for a short while and rest
  • Walk more – in the early evening
  • Sleep – get to be early


  • Replenish – All food is fine!
  • Movement – light activity for no more than 20min.
  • Love your legs – compress them, elevate them, gently massage them

These suggestions should help you feel better the next couple of days following an extreme event such as an Ironman.  Truthfully, the above suggestions would help anyone recover after any strenuous activity.  The above information can be expanded on by going to the source where I found the information.  It is called  The article was written by Chuckie V for an athlete that he coached who competed in 2 Ironmans 35days apart.  Chuckie goes into great detail and also discusses what to do the over the following 2 weeks after an Ironman.  The article is called Post Ironman Recovery.

What caught my eye was the advice given about not eating fats after the race, using compression and gentle massage.  Not eating fats can be easily done.  Finding compression shorts and other clothing is easy as well.  Compression clothing is in a lot of the literature out right now.  There are compression suites, socks, shorts etc.  The gentle massage can be achieved by going to somebody, having a friend massage you or massaging yourself.

This is where The Stick comes in.  When you use The Stick as a massage tool, you control the intensity 100%.  As you roll over your muscles, you are able to go as light or as heavy as you like.  The other beautiful thing is, you don’t need to leave your house, hotel or anywhere you are staying.  You do not need any special equipment, like a mat or gloves or electricity.  You can simply just sit, stand, lie or kneel and roll out your muscles!

Original Body Stick

Original Body Stick


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