The Stick and Recovery

8 Jul

I always love to hear how people are using The Stick!  I actually search for people who use this muscle device and see how they apply it to their daily routines.

Many people refer to The Stick as a muscle massager, massage stick or muscle stick.  Whatever you like to call it, The Stick works!

I just found a guy named Tim Hull.  He calls himself and his website  Here is his bio:

“My Name is Tim Hull. I have worked in the health and fitness field in various ways for over 15 years. I have licenses in Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy.  Currently I work in a Physical Therapy outpatient clinic in Ohio working with a variety of patients. Also working on some exciting projects to be announced soon!

My passion is developing workouts that offer variety, fun, are challenging, and most of all are effective. I love to share my knowledge of training and rehabilitation, so that others may benefit and improve their health. ”

On Tim’s blog, he wrote:

Recovery With Massage Stick

There is a growing movement of people using foam rollers to prepare the muscles for exercise and recover from their workouts. Though rollers do a good job, prefer to use “The Stick”.

I feel that The Stick works better for me and is not as awkward as foam rollers.

Go –here– for the whole article!

He really has some good stuff on his site!!




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