How to Fit a Bicycle

28 Jun

Hello Everbody,

My wife is about to do her first Sprint Triathalon.  Her training partner just bought a great new bike and asked me to help her out making sure the fit was right.  I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do know a few things about bikes.  I have been an avid moutain bike enthusiast for years!

To make sure I was giving her the right information, I double checked the web.  In doing so, I found this fantastic website – Peter White Cycles.  It is so great, I decided to post it here.  His section on How to Fit a Bicycle  is one of the best I have ever come across.  He goes into great detail on the following topics:

  • Overview
  • Crank Length
  • Saddle Tilt
  • Saddle Height
  • The Fore-Aft Saddle Position
  • What about knee over the pedal axle?
  • Handlebar Position
  • Handlebar width (road & ATB) and drop for road style bars
  • Fine tune saddle height
  • Stock frame sizing
  • Methodology

Peter’s methodolgy is unique to him, but easy to follow.  Here is an exert:

 “Notice that in most of this there is no mention of measuring body parts. And nowhere do I have you dropping plumb lines from knees, positioning handlebars so they block views of front hubs, comparing the length of your forearm to the distance between the front of your saddle to your handlebar, etc. My methodology is quite different from what most people are doing in bike shops.”
Needless to say, the article is too good to keep to myself.  Here is the link –
Don’t forget…. cyclists love The Stick too!!  

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