What People Say About “The Stick”

14 Apr

I find that testimonials from real people are one of the best ways to review and research a product.  I have been doing a lot of reading about researching products and one of the best ways is to visit forums and blogs.

I found one about The Stick a few months back on the MapMyRun website.  Some comments were:

  • “My son has used one for a couple years. It was recommended by his physical therapist when he was recovering from a IT band injury during his junior year of cross-country. He bought his from http://www.thestick.com and still uses it, although he is no longer running. “


  •   “I have been very happy with this purchase.  I had IT pain, and lots of tiredness/soreness on the anterior muscles of the lower leg while training for an ultra.  It was a fantastic way to get the blood flowing in those areas and provide therapeutic massage.  I cannot say for sure, but I feel that it helped me avoid injury during higher mileage weeks. “


  • “I purchased one several years ago on the advice of a personal trainer. I love it! It was definitely the best running investment I made. I had intense knee pain due to ITB tightness. When I use it after runs consistently, I never have a problem. Mine has lasted at least 5 years and has kept my ITB very happy. I recommend it to all runners, as it is relatively inexpensive and can be used for a variety of stretching and massaging moves. “

You can find all the testimonials- here

I also have been creating a testimonials page on the Zealous Vitality Website.  It is comprised of  people who I know except for the professional sport testimonials.  I don’t claim that I have spoken to people like:

Phil Jackson, Head Coach – LA Lakers

Bob Anderson, Author of Bestseller…Stretching

Norm Miller, Strength coach – Olympic Bobsled Team

You might also want to check out one of my earlier posts – “Does Anyone Use Those Massage Sticks?”

If you have a testimonial about The Stick or anything on this blog, please feel free to make a comment.



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