How The Stick Is Different From The Foam Roller

7 Apr

OK… It is not my intention to be controversial, but soooo many people have asked me ” How is The Stick different from a foam roller?”  I will attempt to give the facts as I see them.

I would like to start off by saying that any product you use to enhance your well-being is a good product.  If you like it and it is doing the job you are looking for… then it is a good fit for you.  Many people use multiple products for different applications.  Every person is different based on body composition, level of activity, pain thresholds, mobility and so on.  An individual needs to keep in mind why they are using the product in the first place and what they are using the product for?  If you are using the product because you think everyone else is, then you are not using the product for the right reasons.  Needless to say, I like to live by the saying “If it is not broken, don’t fix it!”  It is OK to tweak things a bit!

With all this in mind, please understand that I am open minded enough to know that there are fantastic products out there that claim and probably do have the same benefits of The Stick.  I am in no way slamming anyone who uses the foam roller.  OK…. here are some of my answers to how The Stick is different from the foam roller:

  1. You can use The Stick anywhere @ anytime.
  2. The Stick is fully portable.
  3. The Stick is waterproof.
  4. The Stick travels better as it is smaller.
  5. There are many different models of Sticks to suite each individual and if need be – body part.
  6. The Stick can be used in any position.
  7. The Stick allows you to fully concentrate on the body part you are working on.
  8. You do not need to get on the floor to use The Stick.
  9. The Stick has a smaller surface area for pinpoint accuracy.
  10. You do not need to use your body weight on The Stick.
  11. The Stick  is able to contour to your muscles.
  12. The Stick has movable spindles which help to massage your muscles, not squish them.
  13. You can use The Stick on a friend.
  14. You can apply a very wide range of pressures to the body part when you use The Stick.
  15. You can (with great ease) massage your entire body from one position with The Stick.
  16. The Stick has many applications in the health care and animal field!

Wow… I even surprised myself!  By the way… we own and do use foam roller on occasion!  I also teach athletes and sports medicine students how to use the foam roller.

Please remember one thing….. you do not need to hurt your muscles to help them!  The Stick is simply a tool that all age groups regardless of fitness or body type can use.  In fact, we like to refer to The Stick as a Toothbrush for Muscles!


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