Knowing Your Body

27 Mar


I can’t stress enough that knowledge is power!

Here is a quick story – I have a friend who knows nothing about vehicles. When his vehicle broke down a number of years back, he got taken advantage of at many repair shops.  I offered to help him out, but he just did not care.  He was taken on a wild ride of repairs that did not need to be done as well as repairs that should have been done as preventative maintenance.  Needless to say, he was baffled why a simple repair turned into thousand dollars of repairs.  The moral of this story is to know a little bit about the things you have possession of in your life. 

Now, what about your health?  Health is a very broad subject, so let’s narrow it down to how your body works.  That is too general as well, so let’s get to the nuts and bolts and talk about MUSCLES!!!  Muscles move you, shape you and really define how and what you do.

Much like your teeth, your muscles are used every day in your life.  You obviously need to take care of them or you will loose them.  Loosing muscle mass is called atrophy.  Gaining muscle mass is called hypertrophy.  Living an active lifestyle will help maintain heath and maintain muscle mass.  To gain lean muscle some form of resistance training needs to implemented into your routine.  This might take the form of weight training, body weight work, tubing exercises, gymnastics etc.

In order to take care of your muscles, you should at least know where they are and what they do.  It is not necessary to know every origin and insertion, but some basic knowledge will allow you to take care of your body.  (Remember my story about my friend with the vehicle breakdown).  By knowing some basic anatomy, you can look after yourself and others.  Here is a great web-page for knowing the Muscles of the Human Body.

Here is an amazing site that one of my Sports Medicine students discovered –

By knowing where and how your muscles work, you can roll them out with The Stick!

By the way…….my reference to teeth and muscles was not by accident.  One of the key points of using The Stick is to use The Stick as “A Toothbrush for Muscles”.  You brush your teeth everyday (I hope at least once a day), you should also “brush” your muscles!


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