An Article About Knee Pain

22 Mar

Knee pain can be debilitating for anyone, never mind athletes!

Getting the correct diagnosis can help you reach recovery faster.  I recommend seeing a number of people or experts.  A second opinion is always great just to confirm what you may already know or what someone suspects may be the problem.  Always take the opinion of an expert/professional!!

Once you have been diagnosed (by a professional) you can start on your rehabilitation.  I have included a great article I found about treating knee pain through resistance training exercises.  The title is:

A Strength Coach’s Guide to Dealing with Pain: Part 2, Knee Pain

By Andrew Paul

Basically, Mr. Paul provides advice and exercises on the following topics:

  1. Pain is right down the middle of the patella
  2. Pain is on the upper, medial portion of the patella
  3. Nagging pain on the lateral side of the knee

I think he does a wonderful job explaining and illustrating strengthening exercises.  To see the whole article click – HERE


So how does The Stick relate to this article?  Massage sticks are mentioned in one of the opening paragraphs as a means to loosen up the quadriceps to help prevent knee pain.  Mr. Paul also writes about trigger points, knots, and managing soft tissue.  In addition, he mentions the TFL and IT band.



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