Zealous Vitality Contest Winners

4 Jan

We have invited people and organizations to become members on my website @ www.thestick.ca for almost a month.  The results have been great.  In that time, we have offered a few prizes for members who have signed up.  Currently, I am waiting on the winners to get back to me and give me the OK to publish their names in an email, here and in a short video I will post on YouTube

Stay tuned for more details!!

You may be wondering what the membership thing is all about?  Let me explain.

  • It is FREE!!
  • We will give a way FREE stuff.
  • It is a great way to stay in touch with us and you.
  • We do send out information periodically about updates on our website .
  • Did I mention we will hold contests?
  • We love to find new ideas, tips and tricks and share them with you.
  • We also would like to give you information about The Sticks and Specialty Products.
  • We also know that sometimes you need reminders to stay motivated. 
  • It is a great way to take advantage of promotions.
  • One more thing….. we won’t bug you with constant emails!!!

I promise that we will not flood your in-boxes with emails and junk.  We will simply contact you from time to time. Your information is safe with us and we promise we will not share or sell your information to anyone!!  We hate spam as well. 

The information we post on our website and this blog is intended to help you make informed decisions about health, fitness and wellness.

Please sign-up on our front page of The Stick provided by Zealous Vitality Inc.  You will not be disappointed!

Keep Rollin’


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