Top Moments in Sport for 2008

27 Dec

Hello Sport Fans!!

I would like to share with you an opinion about the Top 5 Moments in Sport for 2008.  I find them thought provoking and informative.  Here they are according to The Sports Nut @ Peak Performance:

Rafa Nadal vs. Roger Federer- Wimbledon Final July 2008

Usain Bolt 100m and 200m 2008 Beijing Olympics!

Spain win 2008 European Championships

Michael Phelps 2008 Beijing Olympics!

New Zealand Rugby League World Cup Victory.


Please click here to see the entire article.

To add reference and context to the author of these top sporting moments, The Sports Nut is from the UK! 


Now it is my turn.  I agree with all the above and would like to add some other fantastic moments sport:

The Calgary Stampeders Winning The Grey Cup (CFL)

Simon Whitfield’s Finish @ The Olympics

The Boston Cletics Winning The NBA Title

Danica Patrick –  To become the first woman to win a major (NASCAR, Indy, Formula One) auto race.

Roger Clemens – Steroid Scandle

Kansas Beating Memphis in the NCAA Basketball Championship (Buzzer Beater with Overtime)

To add reference and context to the comments above, I live in Alberta, Canada!


Whatever your top sporting moments were in 2008, I hope 2009 will be just as exciting.



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