Your Health and Wellness During the Holidays

24 Dec

The holiday season is the perfect time to get back in touch with your health and wellness.  Some people see it as a season to let you guard down relax, eat too much and drink too much.  If you have the discipline, the holidays are a perfect time to become reacquainted with you body.  Take care of your sore, stiff muscles.

Most people I know have a significant amount of holidays around this time of year.  You can locate where the closest fitness facility is.  You can research power foods.  You can finally visit a fitness shop to think about purchasing that piece of home gym equipment you have been eyeing up.  Let’s face it, the prices after Christmas are fantastic.

The best thing about the holiday season is spending time with family and friends.  Get outside and in to nature as much as possible.  I just finished reading an article about how being outside can actually reduce stress levels and increase your mood.  The author explained it is due to being surrounded by squares and rectangles when you are inside.  Think about for a moment.  Most of our indoor environment has straight edges and is very confining.  Look around you!  Now look outside at a park or playground or a group of trees….. almost no squares and rectangles!  It almost makes sense to me.

Do something for yourself over the holiday season.  If you invest into yourself, so will others.  The same holds true when you invest in others, they will in turn invest in you.

Have a Merry Christmas,



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