The gift of health.

26 Oct

I live in an area of Alberta, Canada where I can load by dirt bike into my truck and be riding 30-45min later.  That is exactly what I did today.  It was only plus 2 degrees celsius, but I went anyway.  As I drove down the highway listening to good music and planning the week ahead of me, I recognized how lucky I am.

I am healthy and have a family that loves me!  I was able to get away for a couple of hours and enjoy the fact that I was healthy and able to do something physical in the outdoors.  It was incredible!!  As I was getting on my gear, I saw a Dad with a friend and their kids on quads.  I saw friends getting ready to enjoy some time together.  I felt fantastic.  I know there will be a day very soon when my kids are old enough to spend a couple hours with me in natures playground!!

Just before my ride, I needed to warm-up my body a little, so I rolled out any muscle I had exposed that was not covered by my gear with the Original Body Stick.  I then got on my bike and went exploring.

The point of my story, is without your health and freedom to move around, you are restricted to certain activities.  Because I am healthy and I take care of my muscles, I can do whatever I want – like dirt bike!!

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