Travelling with The Stick

19 Oct


Travelling with The Stick is easy!  I have posted some helpful tips when travelling.

Depending on what model you have, your experience should be fantastic.  On road trips, I would keep the Trigger Wheel and a Stick very handy when you stop to grab a snack or coffee or even that unscheduled washroom break.  Roll out your neck, back, forearms and legs for a quick rejuvenation.

Fantastic for the neck and forearms/

Fantastic for the neck and smaller muscles.



As for flights.  I have some suggestions when it comes to security. 

The Trigger Wheel should be fine in your carry on.  A Stick, may be questionable since security may categorize it as a baton!  Until I get more feedback, go with the Trigger Wheel in your carry on and pack your Stick in your check-in luggage.

All this being said, I have a colleague who shared this testimonial with me:


I took my stick with me to the Kelowna Marathon. (Airport security was very curious.) After  the race I was having difficulty moving around as my legs were getting stiff and were starting to cramp up. A short session with the stick I was moving with ease and was good for the rest of the day. The stick defiantly sped up my recovery and is keeping me running.





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